Accredited Certifying Agent

The Colorado Department of Agriculture requires an employer conducting audits/inspections of farms and businesses that house egg-laying hens, or produce, pack, store, and transport shell eggs and egg products for sale into the state, to seek a certificate of accreditation in order to certify farms and business as compliant with Colorado Cage-Free regulations.

An application must be filled out by an authorized person for the third-party certifying employer. 

  • Upon approval of the application, a Certificate of Accreditation will be emailed to the employer.
  • Click on the blue box to fill out the Accredited Certifying Agent Application.

Note: Starting in January of 2023, we will provide a list of approved agents/companies that have received their accreditation.


Accredited Agents

Business Name Website Address
Humane Farm Animal Care CertifiedHumane.org
American Humane Association AmericanHumane.org
Validus Verification Services Verified For United Egg Producers ValidusServices.com
FACTA LLC factallc.com
USDA/AMS ams.usda.gov