Biological pest control agents are seasonally available to help suppress weed and insect pests in Colorado. They can be requested by private landowners in the State, or other governmental agencies concerned with controlling the spread of exotic invaders. Supplies can be limited and vary from one year to the next; thus, the Insectary cannot guarantee a release for each request submitted.

Please Do Not Send Payment Now. We will contact you to arrange for payment and shipping arrangements in season.

For Private Land and Home Owners
Fee Description
$50.00 Canada Thistle
$30.00 Dalmatian Toadflax
$30.00 Diffuse Knapweed
$35.00 Field Bindweed
$30.00 Leafy Spurge
$30.00 Musk Thistle
$30.00 Puncturevine
$30.00 Russian Knapweed
$30.00 Spotted Knapweed
$30.00 Yellow Toadflax


(Not Available At This Time ForPrivate Land and Home Owners)
Fee Description
$100.00 Bindweed Mites; 1 Cooler (Approx. 10 releases) If you are interested in establishing a site for future collection, please contact us before ordering.
$100.00 5,000 Tamarisk beetles. Includes vial of pheromone to concentrate beetles at the release site.
$0.00 Peach Wasp ("Mac")
See PDF Subscription Service for Multiple Species Releases


Outside the State of Colorado, contact Dan Bean. You must obtain a PPQ 526 Permit to move live plant pests or noxious weeds.

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