Funds available to help apply for USDA Meat Processing grants

The Colorado Department of Agriculture has funds available to help Colorado producers apply for meat processing grants from the US Department of Agriculture.

The second round of the Meat and Poultry Processing Expansion Program (MPPEP) grant will be available soon. We are still waiting for the USDA to share the details of the grant requirements, but once they are announced, applicants will only have about 45-60 days to submit proposals so it is most important for us to help you prepare for this as best we can. 

While we do not know the specific parameters of the upcoming grant, we do know it will be focused on meat processing. The goal of the federal funding is to increase USDA inspected meat processing production and capacity across the US. No matter your current processing capacity, companies must be already or looking to be a USDA inspected facility by the end of the project. 

Applying for federal grants is complex and time consuming and CDA wants to help Colorado companies prepare and submit meaningful proposals to be considered for this grant. 

CDA will provide up to $5000 per Colorado company to hire a grant writer. 

If you are interested in receiving funding to hire a grant writer for your federal grant proposal please fill the online application. This grant is first come first serve and CDA will review applications in the order they are received. 

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Need additional help?

For more information or help applying, please reach out to the Markets Division by calling (303) 869-9170 or emailing Ashley Warsh