File a PACFA complaint


Please read the following before submitting your complaint:

Thank you for contacting PACFA. We appreciate any and all information provided to our program to help us ensure that pet animal care facilities maintain or exceed a minimum standard of care in Colorado. PACFA reviews all complaints submitted, however, we typically do not reply to your submission.

  • Please submit complaints through our online form only. Once a complaint is submitted, it is considered an open investigation, and information regarding the investigation cannot be provided until the case is closed.
  • All complaints submitted are reviewed, however, complaints submitted from reporting parties that have not actually witnessed an issue with the facility themselves will be considered inapplicable and will not be investigated.
  • Filing an official complaint from viewing a social media post or via secondhand information or word of mouth may be subject to prosecution for false reporting.
  • Anonymous complaints are accepted, however, providing your contact information will allow us to obtain additional information to complete a more thorough investigation. Personal contact information such as phone number, email, and address will remain confidential. Please note that some information such as the name of the person filing the complaint may be subject to the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA).

PACFA does not regulate the following: animal neglect/cruelty, noise disturbances, dogs at large, property line issues and impound matters. If you witnessed conditions that you believe represent an imminent danger to any animals, please call your local law enforcement agency immediately so that they can address the situation promptly.

Concerns about Livestock (Horses, Llamas, Cattle, Goats, etc.): please call the Animal Health Division at 303-869-9130.

Concerns about a Veterinarian: please contact the State Board of Veterinary Medicine at 303-894-7800.

Additional documents: Pictures and/or videos you would like to add to the complaint may be emailed to cda_pacfa@state.co.us or fax them to 720-634-0934. The subject line should reference the name of the facility and the date for the complaint submitted.


Once redirected, please select the "Pets Animal Care Facilities" option: