How to Help Victims of the Boulder County Fires

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Emergency crews are still assessing the damage and losses from the Marshall and Middlefork Fires, but we know that yesterday's devastating fires left hundreds of families without homes.

For most accurate and up to date information on all aspects of the fire, please follow Boulder Office of Emergency Management. You can get updates through the Boulder OEM website or on Twitter and Facebook.

To view the evacuation and closure map, please go here. Remember to stay out of the evacuation areas until given the all clear from Boulder OEM.

CSU Extension has gathered a variety of resources based on insights from subject matter experts and fire survivors to provide guidance on the road to recovery. Download the “After the Disaster Guidebook - Boulder County” for useful emergency contacts, safety and mental health resources, tips for caring for your family and pets, and more. 

See the screenshot below of the best place to locate links to help the victims of the Boulder County fires.

Visit to find the links.

Boulder OEM screenshot

There are numerous resources available to those impacted by the Boulder County fires.

Resources For Those Impacted:

Donations To Those Impacted:

If you would like to help, the most effective way to support people impacted by the Boulder County fire is to donate money.


  • If you have shelter to offer displaced residents, please sign up to be a vetted host at and you will be alerted through the Airbnb Open Homes Program if needed.



 As we continue to learn more about the best ways to support our neighbors affected by the devastating fires, we will continue to update you on how you can help.

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