Emergency Preparedness and Response

One of the vital components to the work of Animal Health Division is to prepare for, control, and mitigate livestock disease outbreaks. The Division’s preparedness and response plans for the different livestock sectors are found below.


Emergency Planning & Preparedness

Be Prepared!

All emergencies begin locally. While help may be on the way, ensure you have taken precautions to safeguard you, your family and your agricultural enterprise. Make an emergency plan, prepare a response kit; consider actions that will aid you in all phases of the emergency management cycle.


Prevent               Protect               Respond               Recover


Emergency Response Plans & Supporting Documents
Additional Resources:

United States Department of Agriculture (Primary resource for guidelines, rules, & regulations for Agriculture in America)

READYColorado (Great family-focused readiness tools)
Colorado Information Analysis Center (For reporting suspicious, non-criminal activity)
Community Emergency Response Team (Guidance for community involvement)
Colorado Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Management (State roles in emergency management explained)